ICAE will be present at the 6th CCNGO/EFA meeting, Paris, 24 – 26 October 2012

The next meeting of the members of the CCNGO/EFA network will be organized by UNESCO, in collaboration with the CCNGO/EFA Ad Hoc Group, at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris from 24 to 26 October 2012.

The CCNGO/EFA meeting will gather representatives of international, regional and national member NGOs from all parts of the world to discuss and reflect on the achievements, challenges and the future of Education for All. In view of the approaching EFA and MDG target date of 2015, the meeting will in particular focus on how to approach 2015 and how to shape the post-2015 international education agenda. The meeting will also adopt new Working Procedures and elect a new CCNGO/EFA Coordination Group.


Sixth Meeting of the Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education for All (CCNGO/EFA)
Paris, France, 24 – 26 October, 2012

Expected outcomes of the meeting
– Collective analysis of the main EFA challenges and achievements;
– Recommendations for overcoming the identified challenges and for further leveraging positive processes at national, regional and international level for the achievement of the EFA Goals by 2015;
– Recommendations for a post-2015 education and development agenda, based on the analysis of the current context and the preparatory CCNGO/EFA consultation and mapping;
– Appointment of the new CCNGO/EFA Coordination Group; and
– Adoption of the revised CCNGO/EFA Working Procedures.

Provisional Agenda
1. Adoption of the agenda
2. The reformed global EFA coordination mechanism and the role of the CCNGO/EFA
3. Report 2010-2012 by the CCNGO/EFA Ad Hoc Group
4. Results of the consultations of the CCNGO/EFA network
5. Challenges and opportunities for scaling up efforts to reach the EFA goals by 2015
6. The post-2015 education and development agendas
7. Adoption of revised CCNGO/EFA Working Procedures
8. Appointment of a new CCNGO/EFA Coordination Group
9. Adoption of the outcome document
Working documents
– Programme
– Information note on the reformed global EFA coordination mechanism
– EFA Global Monitoring Report 2012
– Synthesis of the consultation of the CCNGO/EFA
– Discussion paper on actions to define the post-2015 education and development agendas
– Revised CCNGO/EFA Working Procedures
– Note on the appointment of the CCNGO/EFA Coordination Group
– Draft outcome document



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One Response to ICAE will be present at the 6th CCNGO/EFA meeting, Paris, 24 – 26 October 2012

  1. Wim Monasso says:

    Representing UNESCO NGO Partner “Global Alliance for LGBT Education” at the 6th CCNGO/EFA in Paris, I would like to arrange a corridor meeting at UNESCO-HQ for mutual familiarisation purposes with your ICAE representative, if that’s Okay with you.
    My mobile number is: 31 6 2422 5244
    William Antonio Monasso LL.M.
    Secretary, Working Group International Collaboration

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