ICAE / The right to education and lifelong learning: Supporting materials for advocacy in the post-2015 process


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Dear ICAE members,

ICAE’s Executive Committee, consider that a concrete support to our partners with some of the key events of the post-2015 process, will be a resource that would allow our membership to be active in advocacy for the rights to education and lifelong learning, locally, regionally and globally.

Thus, we have added to the Blog (https://educationpost2015icae.wordpress.com), the Web (www.icae.org.uy), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ICAEfbk), and twitter (@ICAE2011), and the traditional virtual seminars for discussion and conceptualization, this proposal which is a guide for Advocacy, in offprints or supplements according to how they events are happening.

This process is extremely complex and therefore somewhat difficult to follow.

We invite you to be an active part of this support guide, sending your suggestions, ideas and proposals, as well as to react to the various opportunities for participation.

We hope that it becomes a shared learning space for all.


Celita Eccher                                                            Alan Tuckett
Secretary General                                                      President

The right to education and lifelong learning:  Supporting materials for advocacy in the post-2015 process

I.    Intro
II.    What is the post 2015 process?
III.    Where are Civil Society Organizations?
IV.    How can ICAE members engage and do advocacy throughout this process?
V.    Key messages
VI.    Resources

See the document here:  http://www.icae2.org/?q=en/node/1704


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