ICAE POST-2015/Discussion of the High-level Panel Report on the Post-2015 Agenda: Information and Registration

DATE: 31 May, from 10:00AM to 12:30AM EST

VENUE:  ECOSOC Chamber at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The event will be webcast by UN WebTV and livestreamed on the World We Want web platform. The flyer for the event with full details is available here (pdf).

Pre-registration for this event is required for all civil society representatives wishing to attend in person, and can be completed at http://bit.ly/12yvqyg. A one-time profile creation is required to enable registration if you are not already in the CSONet NGO database for ECOSOC-accredited NGOs. Registration must be completed by Tuesday, 28 May 2013. Further instructions are available here.

Questions and/or requests for more information should be directed to secretariat@post2015hlp.org.

What is being discussed?

On May 31st (12:01am EST) the report of the High Level Panel (HLP) on the post-2015 development agenda will be available to stakeholders, following the submission of the same to the UN Secretary General the previous day. A number of UN agencies and stakeholder groups have come together to organize a discussion of the report taking advantage of the Panel’s presence in New York at this time. This event will take place at a critical time in the post-2015 process as the HLP report serves as the opening chapter of a fairly lengthy book, which is the post-2015 process. 

What will this conversation achieve?

The purpose of this event is to provide stakeholders and the wider UN community with a platform to directly engage Panel members on the major recommendations and key themes of the report. In addition to providing participating groups with an opportunity to share their views, reactions and questions on the report, the event would also address opportunities for collaboration in terms of advocacy and dialogue across the remainder of the post-2015 process.

As the work of the panel comes to a close, stakeholder groups may be interested to use the recommendations of the Panel to strengthen their engagement with ongoing global, regional and national processes. Using this event to share ideas and information for collaboration could serve as an additional rationale for organizing it, and as a take away for those who attend the event.

How will it be structured?

The format of this event is designed to provide the Panel with an opportunity to present its report, explain the vision and process by which produced it, present its key recommendations, and provide interested stakeholders with an opportunity to directly discuss the report with Panel members.

The discussion will be managed by a skilled moderator and will involve:

                –  Opening remarks: Representatives of the HLP Co-Chairs and the Special Advisor to the Secretary General on the Post-2015 agenda will be invited to provide an overview of the report, highlight the report’s key recommendations and explain some of the process by which the report was developed.

                –  Panel Discussion: A moderated discussion among Panel members and ‘discussants’ from civil society will aim to explore and assess the Panel’s recommendations on key themes and issues. All Panel members available in New York on this date will be invited to attend and address the event. Civil society representatives in this section of the program would, as much as is possible, represent broader coalitions or alliances that have engaged substantively with the post-2015 process.

                –  Questions and Answers: A ‘Q&A’ segment will allow participants to engage Panelists with specific queries or reactions to the report. The event will also be webcast, enabling it to have a social media component and to expand the pool of civil society representatives who could be engaged. Online participants could be encouraged to submit questions and comments via twitter, allowing the moderator to alternate between questions from the audience in the room, and questions from the online participants. Facilities for simultaneous interpretation are also expected to be available during the discussion.

                –  Way Forward: The Moderator would conclude the dialogue by inviting relevant speakers in the program to convey plans for the launch and discussion of the report in other parts of the world, as well as opportunities for the Panel’s work to be used to strengthen the post-2015 dialogue at regional, national and sub-national levels.


Who can participate?€
The event is open to all interested groups. Pre-registration is required for all individuals who do not work for the UN or diplomatic missions. Queries may be directed to: secretariat@post2015hlp.org

Further guidance is available at: http://bit.ly/12yvqygand www.post2015hlp.org/outreach.


From: UN-NGLS – United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service <info@un-ngls.org>


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