Sharing the comment posted on behalf of Ação Educativa, Brazil.

The Global Consultation on Education

Education, as a Human Right, cannot be understood as an autonomous step on the individual life, and neither a factor with delimited temporality on the construction of citizenship. Education is a process that develops throughout life, thus, we reinforce its importance in all ages and that both on the formal, non-formal and informal sphere, education shall receive the same appreciation and enhancement about its roles on the construction of the social subject.

We must problematized both the reductionist approach of the role of education as well as the understanding of the current development model in crisis, guided only by economic growth. Education shall be a foundation for a development grounded by social and environmental justice, which guarantees the citizenship rights for all, not by a blinded model guided by capital accumulation, consumerism and production and reproduction of inequalities and poverty among nations.

We view with concern the focus on the concept of learning and its displacement and overestimation to the detriment of the concept of education. The concept of learning with focus on measurable results can lead to a narrow mind understanding of education. By prioritizing results, learning indicators become a way to reach specific goals, usually defined outside the educative process and that does not contemplate neither an humanistic approach nor values the knowledge of the educating one. The educational places cannot be based on evaluations of restrict nature regarding the educative process, enhancing, then, the consolidation of a system that teach for tests and that does not represent the cultural diversity and plurality of human life.

In this sense, we defend that education must contribute for citizenship in which each and every human being can develop its potentialities and capacities of enforce, autonomously, the civil, political, social and public rights.

The post 2015 process should keep an holistic view about its goals and work so they can be mutually reinforced.

Filomena Siqueira
Unidade Internacional
Ação Educativa, Brazil.

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