ICAE Virtual Exchange: “Post-2015 education agenda: advocacy actions”, 17-28 June 2013.

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Dear ICAE members, GEO members, IALLAs and friends,

We are very glad to announce the launch of an ICAE virtual exchange “Post-2015 education agenda: advocacy actions” between 17 and 28 of June among all ICAE and Gender and Education Office-GEO members, IALLA graduates, colleagues and partners working for the right to education.

This ICAE virtual exchange will be the second stage in the process towards 2015, in order to make an evaluation of the Post-2015 consultation process, the achievements, and the strategies to continue influencing the post-2015 international education agenda, the Sustainable development goals-SDGs, and the EFA goals.

The exchange will be in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French. You can find the first virtual exchange in June 2012 in the following link:


The objectives of the Virtual Exchange are:

– To share the lessons learnt and the advocacy achievements in relation to the right to Adult Learning and education, gender and inequalities agendas, as well as the challenges ahead.
– To contribute to evaluate the civil society participation in the post-2015 consultation process, in order to broaden civil society participation and better influence the definition of goals at global level.
– To contribute to shape the next steps of ICAE strategy of advocacy on the right to education and gender in the global agenda: MDGs, SDGs and EFA goals and process.

Instructions to participate

For those of you who are participating in a Virtual Exchange for the first time, please note that it is very simple:

1. All participants have been subscribed to a special moderated list created for this seminar and called (ICAEp2015agenda)

2. All of you will daily receive the papers and inputs of the seminar directly in your mailboxes. You don’t have to go to a special website.

3. If you wish to send comments or inputs you have to reply to the message received. This message will be received by ICAE Secretariat that administrates and moderates the list. Once or twice a day, ICAE Secretariat will compile all the information received in one message and will forward it to all the people subscribed to the list. As it is a moderated list you will not receive thousands of messages in your mailbox.

4. The virtual exchange will be held from June 17 to June 28.

5. Should you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to write to the list administrators: voicesrising@icae.org.uy, icae@icae.org.uy  or apoyo@icae.org.uy

If you think you will not be able to follow this exchange and you prefer to be left out of this list, just send a message to voicesrising@icae.org.uy, icae@icae.org.uy  or apoyo@icae.org.uy  to unsubscribe, and we shall immediately proceed accordingly.

We invite all of you to participate actively with reflections, comments and your evaluation of the scenario, the challenges that we are facing as civil society networks, and your proposals for the future.
The virtual exchange will be daily updated in the ICAE website and Blog so that you can follow it in the 3 languages

With best wishes

Celita Eccher
ICAE Secretary General

Provisional Program
“Post-2015 education agenda: advocacy actions”
17-28 June
General introduction: Consultation process and advocacy achievements

Introduction by Alan Tuckett. ICAE President

– Summing-up and reflections on the post -2015 consultation process (MDGs and SDGs) by Maria Graciela Cuervo and Marcela Ballara. ICAE Secretariat
– The proposals on education in the official documents by Jorge Osorio. ICAE

Evaluation of civil society participation in the consultation process
– Beyond Pragmatism. Call for a holistic Post-2015 Agenda. Remarks by Jens Martens, Global Policy Forum
– Analysis from Social Watch Network. Roberto Bissio
– African Network Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA). Limbani Nsapato
– Global Campaign for Education- GCE.  Imad Sabi
– Education International. Dennis Sinyolo
– Latin America Campaign for the Right to Education-CLADE. Camilla Croso and Ilich Ortiz.
– Networks in motion towards Guadalajara. About the POST-2015 Consultation by Nélida Céspedes Rossel. ICAE-CEAAL
– Consultation on Education. Refaat Sabbah. Teacher Creativity Centre- TCC
Maria Khan. ASPBAE (tbc)

Strategy and advocacy actions for MDGs, SDGs and EFA goals and process
– Key ideas expressed in ICAE documents during the post-2015 development agenda process by Irene Lobo. ICAE Secretariat
Paul Bélanger. ICAE
– “Post-2015 education agenda: An European View on ICAE’s advocacy actions” by Uwe Gartenschlaeger. dvv International
Gina Mumba Chiwela. ICAE-PAF
Roberto Guevara (tbc). ICAE-ASPBAE
Malini Ghose (tbc). ICAE-Nirantar

Read more here: http://www.icae2.org/?q=en/node/1754

Español: http://www.icae2.org/?q=es/node/1756

Français: http://www.icae2.org/?q=fr/node/1755

Contact: icae@icae.org.uy

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