How do we address the influence on the OWG?

tapa_ingThe right to education and lifelong learning:
Supporting materials for advocacy in the post-2015 process
How do we address the influence on the OWG?


International Council for Adult Education – ICAE
July, 2013

The process of drafting the post-2015 Development Agenda is being highly dynamic and changing. New documents, actors, guidance and spaces are continuously emerging, which need to be identified. To facilitate monitoring and participation, ICAE is making an effort to collect, update and disseminate the information available. In this way, the aim is to ensure the possibilities of incidence so that the new sustainable development goals keep the human rights’ focus and recognize the role of lifelong learning and education.

In the previous installments of this document the main actors and spaces related to the creation of the frameworks that will succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Education for All (EFA) goals were explained in detail. In addition, reference was made to the possibilities of participation and advocacy and a number of key messages for advocacy were included.

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In the second part, there was a summing-up and reflection on the consultation process, the positions of ICAE and education proposals held in official documents.

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 This time it is appropriate to focus attention on one of the sites already mentioned in our map of actors’ box( the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development:, OWG, due to its importance in the follow-up of the Rio +20 and the development of new objectives that will replace the MDGs.

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